PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Rochelle’s challenge is prompted by a photo of The Catalinas mountains, in Arizona. Can you write a 100 word story inspired by this picture ? Here’s my take.


                            Inner monologue    and    Dialogue                        


At last, we can talk. I sent you all these

” Las Catalinas, our favourite place. Glad you agreed to come. So beautiful here.”

messages, no answer at all. Got worried    

” Remember camping 2 years ago ? How have you been ? So much to catch up on.”

 about you, called the police, in case you’d

“Good to have quality time with you. Love being best buddies with you.”

 collapsed at home.

  I’m your best friend,  

  through childhood, first boyfriends

  failing exams.

  “ What ? We’re NOT best buddies ? That my friends find me hard work ?”

What have I done wrong ?

  “You’re saying : don’t ever contact you again ?….. ”