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The Great Wall of China, an extraordinary piece of construction. Pegman’s prompt this week.

Here is my story.



‘Beam-down of Starship-Synth complete, Ynot, we’re on target. Only human structure visible from space.  Contact ceased for now’.

‘Is this it Yar ? Crumbly structure, no grid system evident. Why here ?’

‘Just need it for landing co-ordinates. So Ahens, here’s  our mission : algorithm analysis  tells us  this Species has capacity for an unknown activity called ‘imagination’. On SynthStar, we can’t get data on what this ‘imagination’ is. Our brief is to find out and report back.’

‘OK Yar. I am weary, let’s sit on this ledge here for a while. How do we find out ? We’ve nothing to report back.’

‘See those little square constructions down there, wonder what they’re for ?’

‘This wall does seems very bendy and long. You can’t see where the wall ends, its mysterious,  covered in soft white mist.’

‘I am tranquil when I look at the soft white mist.’