PHOTO PROMPT © Karen Rawson

Rochelle’s challenge this week, is Karen’s intriguing photo prompt – what is this place ?  You have a 100 words to respond.

Greek Stories

Penny: ‘The clock measures my solitary time  – another day, year, you’ve been gone so long. My Sea Captain. Waiting is built into the bones of this house.’

Otis: ‘I …must climb…these stairs, so tired. Is this a dream ? Is she really here ? Just another step’.

Penny: ‘A knock, it’s him. My hands search out your face, rough beard, skin coarse, eyes creased by staring at the horizon. I breathe in your smell, reek of the sea and your sweat. I feel  my tightly bound love, fear releasing in your presence. Otis my love, you’re home’ .