Image result for qUINCEANERA Mexico imagesPegman takes us to Tulum, Mexico this week

The  challenge to create a 150 word story inspired by the location. Here’s my story.

Maria’s Quinceanera

‘ Maria ! Come here, I need to check your party dress.’

‘Mama, I have a headache, can’t come just now…’

‘Listen here Miss, it’s not just about you. Our family is on show here, we’ll give a magnificent party, thanks to Uncle Pedro’s generosity. We’ll celebrate your 15th birthday, showing you off to our neighbours. Don’t you dare bring shame on us..’

‘Scram   little  Brother ! Not boys’ stuff. ‘

‘Auntie Rita    what did Mama mean – ‘showing me off?’

‘Maria, as a girl, we protected you, taught you to be a good girl. You have reached the age

of 15, soon grown up, maybe engaged. We are so proud of you, others will see our pride in you,

and your beauty ‘.

‘Rita, the cake is here ‘.

‘I think I understand, its scary and exciting. Love my dress. Boys eh ? Me a grown up, wonder how I will be ?