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Twittering Tale # 78 April 3rd 2018 The Sweet Hereafter

Photo by harutmovsisyan at Kat's challenge this week is to write a 280 character tale inspired by this curious photo. Here's my take on it. The Sweet Hereafter Midnight alone here they said. Fresh tarmac like treacle, clean white lines to... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 9th March 2018 House-party in Rouen, 1856

This week's photo prompt for Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers shows a tranquil scene - or is it ? Thanks to Sandra Crook for the image. This is what I imagined. House-party in Rouen, 1856 Good party, lively guests, especially him with... Continue Reading →

My Trip to Rajasthan Part Three : Glimpses of Delhi

The last few days of the trip, staying in the faded grandeur of the Jyhoti Mahal hotel, located in Phar Ganj District. Stalls and shops which never close, many people, many bargains. This is the view from my hotel room... Continue Reading →

My Trip to Rajasthan Part Two – Gorgeous Fabric Printing in Bagru

    To set the scene a sacred cow, revered by Hindus, free to roam, tranquil in the knowledge that no-one will touch her. Today, we visit the quiet village of Bagru, a few miles from from Jaipur. A small... Continue Reading →

My trip to India- Rajasthan

  I have just come back from a two week trip to Northern India - Rajasthan. Still absorbing the experience of it all. So here is the start of my trip, to set the scene. Gazing at the sky, winging... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers October 6th 2017 Country Roads : where do they lead us ?   photo from Karen and Josh Country Roads : where do they lead us ? It's a place I dream of, where I was born, my home. Small rural spot in the middle of nowhere. My dream is with... Continue Reading →

Catalonia Part 2 – Energy

                                                                                                       Solsona             Catalonia - a Haibun Feel the spring of energy bubbling from the red baked earth, alchemy transforming plants and stones into built forms. A white haired woman... Continue Reading →

Castle in Catalonia – the subversive spirit of Catalonians Part 1

I took a trip to Catalonia, in Northern Spain, to learn a little about the subversive, independent creativity of the Catalonians. And stayed in a castle, Cardona castle. A medieval castle now a hotel. My room was high up, a room with... Continue Reading →

Historic Warwick : the Master’s Secret Garden

I have never gone into the other world of the Lord Leycester Hospital, in historic Warwick. I have driven past before, idly wondered what sort of place it is. Today, sun shining, I feel a curiosity, a mood to explore. I... Continue Reading →

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