This week’s photo prompt for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers shows a tranquil scene – or is it ?

Thanks to Sandra Crook for the image. This is what I imagined.

House-party in Rouen, 1856

Good party, lively guests, especially him with the smouldering eyes – Gervaise – he’s up for some fun. A tryst ? Tonight ? Uncle can ask him. Yes he will ! Husband Claude is a dolt. Dinner done, dusk falling, garden aromatic.  First clue  in Cupid’s stone hand  —

”  Cupid knows your wish,  So go to the fish”  Aha the carp pond .

”  Rose you are sweet, where shall we meet?” The rose garden

”   In a daze?, it’s the maze”  Bravo, the maze.

Run to the maze, my heart is racing. See a shape, at last, it’s Gervaise. What’s this ? A clammy hand ! It’s Claude – Mon Dieu.