The last few days of the trip, staying in the faded grandeur of the Jyhoti Mahal hotel, located in Phar Ganj District. Stalls and shops which never close, many people, many bargains. This is the view from my hotel room balcony at night.

In the morning, to New Delhi in a Tut-Tut for the thrill, to see the sights,and just a little shopping!

The small park, a green island in the middle of Connaught Place, surrounded by torrents of traffic.

Saw chipmunks in the little park, skittering through the plant displays and wondered how they arrived, if they could ever leave   ?




Came across a state sponsored craft fair, promoting traditional fabrics, artefacts, food and rural traditions. Some wonderful things.

Believe it or not, these are a cardboard   cow and sheep, with astro-turf.






Couldn’t resist these two beasts and their cart – don’t they look real…..






The Food Stalls Tent  sold so many dishes, a culinary showcase of Indian foods.

I liked the man with the tall chef’s hat.

Time to leave Delhi and fly away home, with such a store of experiences and memories.