Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey © Google Maps

The spooky stories about Clinton Road set me thinking about :

                                                                     Unlucky Roads 

‘Charlie – see this news item about ‘unlucky roads ‘

‘Rosie, its hokum, I’m a journalist. Mysterious car crashes, hauntings – all ridiculous – unlucky is a myth.’

‘What about your dad’s fatal car crash ?’

‘That’s different. Police said unknown causes, no other car involved. He’s always haunted me in his way. I can still hear his cruel voice in my head mocking me, saying..’.you a writer ? What a joke,  ha ha. I loved your brother best, you weren’t wanted, you’re stupid…’

‘Charlie your face is ashen, you’re sweating, are you OK ?’

‘Rosie – my chest hurts…….I ……..can’t breathe………….’

‘Charlie stay with me, it’s your heart…….help, get me Emergency Services .’