photo courtesy of  Connie Gayer                                                                                     

Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers challenge this week is inspired by  a man hard at work. Can you write a 100 word story prompted by this photo ? Here’s my take.


Gotta dig to stay alive.Soil clumps on my boots, weigh me down. My back hurts – too bad.

Hear my Dad’s voice : ‘Jacob you gotta dig to stay alive’. Pa heard Grandpa’s voice in his head : ‘Luke you wanna starve like in those Dustbowl Days ? People wasted away, keeled over and died. Dig’.

Me, I keep my eyes down, shut my mind. Rhythm of the spade soothes me, holds the restive spirits of Pa and Grandpa.

Just rest here on the ground for a minute, get my breath. Look up and take in the greenness of the beans over there.

Gonna stop digging now.