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Friday Fictioneers June 7th CLEARING THE AIR

                                                 photo courtesy of ceayr


Rochelle’s challenge this week is inspired by a photo of this beautiful house.

Here’s where my imagination took me.


“Jodie, Ted, come into the kitchen, we need a family talk.”

“What about Ma ?”

“Your Dad. It’s ben five years since he walked out on us. I’d hoped for a fresh start, but I sense his spirit is still trapped  here. I hear loud voices, sometimes I get a whiff of his tobacco, plus there’s a waft of his smelly old tee-shirt, and that creosote-y stink of sump oil.

So I’ve booked Edwin the Psychic, he will clear our home space of negative energy, he’s due around now – OK ?”

“Jodie  answer the door will you ? Is it Edwin ?”

“No Ma, it’s Dad”


32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers June 7th CLEARING THE AIR

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  1. Methinks she could smell his stink coz he was lurking around…
    After five years, he better have a damn good reason.
    Not so sure I would want him back. Scratch that. His ass is grass!
    I liked this one, Francine!

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  2. Oops. I’m thinking he may not get a warm welcome 🙂

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  3. So dad does not want the house cleared of his memory.

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  4. Gosh that psychic is good. What’s her number?!

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  5. I wasn’t expecting that and neither was she! I’m surprised she didn’t smell him coming! Nice one.

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  6. Good news or bad then? 🙂

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  7. Not just his spirit that’s hanging around, then! I wonder if he’s been sneaking in while they were out, hence the smells…

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  8. I liked the story and I liked the twist.

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  9. Oh my – not quite what she expected!

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  10. Dear Francine,

    Now that was an ending I didn’t expect. The negative energy just intensified. Well done.



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  11. Looks like Ma was right – Dad’s negative energy was hanging around the place, and eventually dragged him back. I can’t imagine she’ll want him back…

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  12. This makes me smile. Is that intended?

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  13. Dad has impeccable timing!

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  14. Kidnapped by pirates I shouldn’t wonder. Sailed the Spanish main

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