photo courtesy of Susan Eames                   CLICK THE FROG AND HOP ABOARD!

Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer’s challenge this week is inspired by a  wonderfully quirky photo.


” Phone signal’s fine now Rachel….your first time online dating ? OK so far ?”

“Yes Marco. Your profile says ‘Adventurer’, tell me more. I’d love adventure, my life is dull.”

“I find new and wonderful locations,  become one with nature.”

“I’d like that.  What do you eat Marco ?”

“I forage, shreds of meat from predators’ leftovers, fat yellow grubs are good, sort of chewy…are you still there Rachel ?”

“Live yellow grubs you say ? Where do you sleep ?”

“Shelters woven from branches, got to look out for insects. Botflies they burrow under your skin and lay their eggs. Your body becomes a baby bug incubator.. Fancy that Rachel ? You there ?”