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Friday Fictioneers 17.5.19 POOL TALK

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt this week is this shimmering swimming pool. Can you write a 100 word story inspired by it ?


I didn’t see it coming. We tread water at the deep end.

“Damian, you’re a liar ! And I trusted you”.

My heart sinks.

“Carol, just listen…”

I struggle to keep my head above water.

“Mr Sweet-talk, with your Levis, Boss jacket, Nikes —- just a con.”

We climb up the pool steps, my shorts clammy against my backside.

” You said I was the only one for you. Who exactly is Tiffany ?”

We walk to the changing rooms.

“Damian, see this engagement ring ? One diamond, into the pool it goes ! That’s what I think of eternal love.”


26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 17.5.19 POOL TALK

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  1. Dear Francine,

    Better to get it out before taking the final vows. Nicely done.




  2. I hope Damien do the right thing and dive for the ring… it could be a beginning to forgiveness… (or he can give the ring to Tiffany)


  3. Damian is in trouble. Price he has to pay for cheating on Carol with Tiffany. Serves him right.

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  4. Wow. I’d say she needs to rein in her temper, and he needs to clean up his act 🙂

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  5. Perhaps Damian is lucky she did not drown him. Although looking for a diamond in the pool will eeep him busy for a long while.

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  6. She’s gonna live to regret that one.. But he’s better off without a jealous beast like that..

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  7. I hope it’s just a misunderstanding and they make up 🙂

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  8. He’s big on his brand names – if Tiffany is just where he bought the ring, I hope he can explain before she chucks it in the pool 🙂

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  9. Well… she is tough on him but if he went outside of their union, I have no sympathy.

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  10. Ah, but are you being super clever – about who Tiffany really is? Did I spot the clue in the Levis, Boss and Nike line? Or am I seeing something that isn’t there? 🙂

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  11. Did they have to do this in the swimming pool! At least cash the ring in for some money 😉

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  12. Lots of stuff happening before. at the side of, and after this. And, of course, we believe we know exactly what it is that’s happening in your clever white spaces. But that may only be because we believe we’ve heard this story before. We may not be right

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  13. She’s so very tough on him

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