Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the wonderful Fictioneers challenge, and to Jeff Arnold for the photo prompt. I must confess to being a bit distracted by the pandemic, as many people are. Good to be posting stories again. Think Rochelle and I had a similar idea !

Qwerty is my name                                                               

Typing is my game

Been here since 1878.







Samuel’s Virus Diary Day 21

Where was I ?

‘I feel untethered, detached from my daily round. An uncanny silence shrouds the …’                       QWERTY ? Who or what is QWERTY ?

I remember now, it’s the original layout of typewriter keys, QWERTY spelt from first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard ! I didn’t write this acrostic. But  what is real any more ? Why not a poetic typewriter.’