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Sammi Cox Challenge # 103 VULNERABLE 28.4.19

Sammi's challenge this week is to write 21 words prompted by the word - VULNERABLE   VULNERABLE He steps towards, me too close. I can smell his sweat. Our eyes lock, my heart thuds like race horses. NO.


Friday Fictioneers 26.4.19 Secret Cove

Sandra's magical photo is the prompt for Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers challenge this week. SECRET COVE " Incomers ? In my cove ?  My secret sanctuary for centuries. My spirit inhabits this special place. Each grain of sand, the tides, the... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 10.4.19 THEODORE

Roger Bultot's photo                 Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers challenge this week is inspired by an old building, steeped in history, no doubt. Can you write a 100 word story ? THEO Theo gathered the... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox challenge 7.4.19 #100 SILENCE

Sammi's challenge this week is to write 19 words on the  theme of SILENCE Here's my take. WAITING You breathe in, you breathe out, Then silence. I hold my breath. The slow thud of your heart beat ceases.

Friday Fictioneers 5.4.19 VISIONS

Rochelle's challenge this week is prompted by this magical image:    photo courtesy of Ronda Del Boccio Here's my take.               VISIONS "Trevor - have you brought the necessaries ?" "Yes Alfreda - one... Continue Reading →

Sammi’s # 99 word challenge Anathema – The Commune

Sammi Cox's challenge this week is to  write 99 words, inspired by the word ANATHEMA. Here's my take. ANATHEMA              THE COMMUNE  I was five when we joined the commune, my mother and I. And... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 29.3.19 STITCHING HISTORY

Photo courtesy of Sandra Crook        Poem extract from WB Yeats' 'The Second Coming' Rochelle's challenge for this week's Friday Fictioneers is prompted by the fascinating  interior of threads and bobbins. Can you write 100 words inspired by... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 22.3.19 THE FUN OF THE FAIR

Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers' challenge this week is prompted by Dale's photo - with all the glitz and glamour of the Fun Fair.                                    ... Continue Reading →

Pegman 16.3.19 Northern Ireland OLD SCARS NEW THREATS

photo courtesy of   Pegman takes us to Northern Ireland, in honour of St. Patrick's day. The challenge, to write 150 words inspired by this country and its culture. OLD SCARS, NEW THREATS " I've a bad feeling Bernie..."... Continue Reading →

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