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Sammi Cox challenge # 93 MANY HORIZONS 9.2.19

Sammi's challenge this week is to write exactly 74 words on the theme of horizons. MANY HORIZONS The alley near my house, strewn with  sodden wrappers, the shimmering mirage of an oasis in the desert, shadowy Bedouin amongst palm trees.... Continue Reading →


Friday Fictioneers FIRE IN THE DARK 8.2.19

  PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala   Fire in the darkness - Rochelle's challenge this week is prompted by this mysterious image. FIRE IN THE DARK Said we'd meet here each winter, to renew our friendship, our connection, our shared... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox challenge #92 Wool Gathering Feb 2nd 2019

Sammi's challenge this week is inspired by the word : wool gathering  -- in 36 words. This is what came to me. WOOLGATHERING When we three sheep gather together what we share is the steamy smell of wool drying in... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 1.2.19 The Set Up

  PHOTO PROMPT © Renee Heath Rochelle's challenge this week is prompted by this intriguing photo. This is where my imagination led me. Glad to be back with Friday Fictioneers, been on holiday. THE SET UP Her eyes shine with... Continue Reading →

HELTER SKELTER Sammi Cox challenge #91 26.1.19

This week's challenge from Sammi Cox is to write exactly 111 words inspired by the word  Helter Skelter. This is where my imagination took me. HELTER SKELTER Hurry -- coat on -- no shoes, slippers will do. Time now 9.20,... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox # 89 Silhouette 14.1.19 He sees a shadow by the far corner of the Piazza. Blinks --- it's gone. The slanting dusk light makes a soft sepia shape of her briefly. His heart contracts with longing. Noonday sun... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Challenge 5.1.19 Sicily : a Haiban

SICILY : A HAIBAN We see the broken stones of the past remnants of power, now strewn on arid soil, faiths of centuries pass. We stop to wonder at these fragments. Are we like them ? Invisible roots reach deep... Continue Reading →

2.1.19 Harare Zimbabwe DIG DEEP pegman

photo courtesy of Reuters        A woman sweeping up after the protests in 2.8.18 Pegman takes us to Zimbabwe this week.   DIG DEEP Radio : ' Protests are erupting in Zimbabwe. Reporting from Harare : angry crowds... Continue Reading →


Do you want to have a go at Dawn's end of year 'Attitude of Gratitude' challenge ? An alternative to New Year's Resolutions. Click on the link to Dawn's blog to learn more about the challenge. It's an invitation to... Continue Reading →

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