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Friday Fictioneers 8th September 2021 PAST & FUTURE

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  1. How things change with each passing generation.

  2. Dear Francine,

    Farming isn’t what it used to be, is it? Will there be a farm left to her when Dad is finished with it? Good one.



  3. A great and timely tale. I think many farmers are faced with this decision these days. Going for profit already fails, going with nature and not against it is the only way. I love the way you described her granddad.

  4. I like this thoughtful piece. We all face the dilemma of whether we make as much money as we can, or whether we are mainly guided by ethical considerations. And, of course, the ethical considerations are never clear-cut…

  5. The way that doesn’t harm the planet is best…

  6. when in doubt, she should follow her heart.

  7. Tradition or modern methods with higher profits – maybe there’s a middle ground…?

  8. My dad was like his dad in faith and appreciation of the soil and what it would do when one sows the seed and the rains come. Solid characters of few words.

  9. Very good internal deliberation. I agree with Neil, she’s leaning toward grandad. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have observed the differences – and she has children!

  10. I’m pretty sure I know! Delightful.

  11. An interesting dilemma. My guess is she’ll side with the granddad

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