Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Liz for the photo

CLICK to Ride


I walked into the foyer of the Ruby Hotel in downtown Kowloon, inhaled its musty smell. Mimi had sent a message to meet here. One of those Hollywood Chinatown hotels all gilt and mirrors.

Mimi from a lifetime ago.

Why after decades of silence ? Felt like a trap.

Her presence coalesces in my mind, elusive, desirable, snapping with energy. Two of us wild kids back then.

I peer into the gallery of mirrors, to see my ageing faces over and over in stark detail. I have concocted a fearful phantasmagoria from our tangled past.

I get a glimpse of a retreating figure, petite like Mimi, stumbling as she retreats from me. I can’t bear it.