Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers, also for providing the prompt image for this week.


Friday Fictioneers 21 October 2021  What If’s    The ever so clever Keith Hillman designed this one and I had to snag it! CLICK TO JOIN


Olive pauses in her kitchen, dinner for two , now one, Raymond her son has disappeared without explanation six months ago. In the long days afterwards, Olive is drawn into ‘ what if’s.’

  1. Raymond leaves in May
  2. He takes nothing with him
  3. He takes a sports bag full of his  things
  4. Olive loves him fiercely
  5. Raymond feels stifled
  6. Raymond has autism
  7. He worked as a gardener
  8. He loves travel programmes about Mexico on tv.
  9. Olive checks her phone every hour
  10. Jo from the local diner hasn’t seen Ray since May


In October she receives a text from Ray:

‘I’m ok Ma’.