Sun shining, Sunday morning, driving along an urban highway feeling relaxed. My car radio plays ‘Desert Island Discs’. The interviewer asks :’Which eight records would you take to your desert island Commander Chris Hadfield? You are a Canadian astronaut’. He is reflective and soulful about his space missions.He says, on his second space flight, they found a guitar, kept in quarantine, which stays in the space station. We play it and sing songs, he says. From the space shuttle, you see the earth from the blackness of space. You are small, separate human entity in space. I have forgotten about the sunshine and the urban highway, I’m with him in space, far from home on a mission.
He choses a track from Stan Rogers – ‘Living from Day to Day’, to remind him of his first space flight. Looking at the tiny earth, with everything that’s intimate so remote, it’s become almost an idea. You are so far from home. You are on the flight for good reasons yet yearn to go home.
YouTube GB stan rogers take it from day to day
The song moves me, the tune is so jaunty, the mood so poignant. It’s about a sailor parting from his love, travelling, dreaming of home. I’ve never heard it before. Good title, good advice : take it from day to day. The astronaut is after all a sort of star sailor, isn’t he ?