Photo prompt by Kelvin M. Knight

Rochelle’s photo image this week is of a slice of wholesome bread with a heart shape carved out from the centre of the slice. Most intriguing. Here’s my 100 word story.

Favourite Toast

” Here’s your favourite love-heart toast darling, like Mummy makes. Don’t be sad, I’m here.

What ?  Not hungry …just try some.

Where’s Mummy ? Remember we talked about it. She’s on a big adventure with friends. She’s climbing a special mountain with snow on top. Mummy’s strong, she’s climbing to the top.

Is snow slippy ?  Yes it can be. She has boots with spikes.

Can snow fall on her ?  It can do. You’re scared it’ll fall on Mummy ?

It’s tea-time, we can FaceTime her.”

“Hello sweetheart…so proud of you being a grownup girl helping Daddy. I’m OK…”