Rochelle’s challenge this week is prompted by this magical image:    photo courtesy of Ronda Del Boccio

Here’s my take.              


“Trevor – have you brought the necessaries ?”

“Yes Alfreda – one sacred flame, one box matches, two toads and a Bodhran drum.”

“Time to shed our earthly vestments, coven members, and join hands to circle the holy stone. Let the chanting begin….”

“We salute you oh sacred spirit, we ask for magic forgetfulness, we ask for visions…”

“Trevor, what is that apparition on top of the stone, shrouded by a miasma ?”

“Keep circling Alfreda…the mist is clearing. I can see clearly now, our prayers are answered.

Oh sacred guardian, we thank you for your gift.”

“A bottle of Knockeen Hills Irish Potcheen Gold Extra.”