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Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers challenge this week is inspired by an old building, steeped in history, no doubt. Can you write a 100 word story ?


Theo gathered the rough  cassock tightly around his thin body against the stone chill of the monastery corridor. He walked lost in thought, convinced that he had de-crypted the code, thanks to his Master Nostradamus. Theo would be the 17th century monk who discovered the secret of accurate prediction.

Messages without quill or parchment, travel without horses, images beamed across continents, automata to work the fields…

“Theo , it’s suppertime please come to the refectory”.

Theo closed his laptop, slowly, still lost in the plot of the short story he was writing. What would his monk do next, I wonder ? Would his fellow monks laugh at him for making these zany predictions ?

Theo’s  tutor on the short story writing course had instructed his students to bring a draft to their evening seminar. His monk could always leave his monastery and go into the prophesy business..