This thoughtful photo is the prompt this week for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge. Here’s my story.                    

                                                           NORWEGIAN CURRY

Dad’s night to cook the dinner. With a sigh he put down his book, scratched his ear and clomped down the stairs.

“Dad’s dinner night everyone !” He heard giggles from the twin’s room. His teenage daughter rolled her eyes. in the kitchen, his wife stared into the empty fridge. “I’ll help you” she said. “No dear “.

He set the pot on the stove. In it goes : five whole chilis, dog food, custard, green potatoes, Laughing Cow cheese, frankfurters, Maltesers,  parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Enough.

“Dinner’s ready , Norwegian Curry, my speciality.”  The dog left the kitchen.

“Dad you are banned from cooking.”