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Friday Fictioneers 29.11.19 SANCTUARY



Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers challenge this week is prompted by this quirky image. Are  you  inspired to write 100 words ?


They arrived at dawn, slithering softly into the dewy grass. The pale rays of the rising sun lit up the scales on the skin of their copper-green bodies, their tiny hands splayed out. Their darting beady eyes took in the trees, the foliage, the damp nooks and crannies good for camouflage.

‘We have reached this island our new sanctuary, we will be safe from harm here. I sense we will be protected from destructive forces now we  colonised this island’  said the Crested One. ‘We have reached a place where our uniqueness is recognised’.



30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 29.11.19 SANCTUARY

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  1. A little microcosm of what happens around the world when a new “species” takes over what they consider “their” land. History repeats itself, endlessly.

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  2. I sense something ominous. Usually, when a group’s uniqueness is recognized it leads to persecution.

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  3. Oh I love this… those little hands and finding a sanctuary, but I find it sad that they are stranded on such a small island…

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  4. Your story left me smiling happily. If they’re newts, they’re protected by law in the UK, and the council will have to protect them. Yay!

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  5. The only habitat left within slithering distance, I guess.

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  6. Dear Francine,

    I fear they might be expecting too much from the beings outside their island sanctuary. 😉 Unique and imaginative take on the prompt.




  7. I’ve never thought of roundabouts as islands before! Nice one.

    Here’s my tale!

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  8. Let us hope they do not need too much space as their sanctuary!
    Their tiny…. what? splayed out?

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  9. I loved the opening sentence

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  10. A shame that the only sanctuary they could find was in the middle of a roundabout! Says a lot about how we disregard nature when building our towns. Unique take, well done.

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  11. I love the expectation and naivety of the copper green ones (toads). How long will it be before their Island is too small.
    You raise an important point about civilised man’s encroachment on other creatures habitat.
    Loved it.

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  12. Loved your quirky take on the photo prompt. (Missing word alert: their tiny ??? splayed out)

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  13. Clever story,
    I wish your beasties – snakes I guess – the best of luck, but the town workmen tend to be heavy handed!

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  14. Reminds me of the chickens that have colonised a traffic island in the Waveney valley of Norfolk/Suffolk. Amazing, the way animals see refuge where we see danger

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