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Friday Fictioneers 20th November 2020 DREAM STATES


Rose dreams of the tower where the wretched Judith lives. Those mournful eyes pleading for forgiveness. She often has this dream and wakes from it her stomach in knots.

Her dreaming self pulls against the urge to visit the tower, Judith deserves to suffer after what she did.

‘Why should I absolve her anguish?  thinks Rose.

She sleeps fitfully til dawn, woken by a robin singing in the garden. Drawn from a place deep within Rose, a new tranquillity washes over her, melting the rage.Iit is obvious, Judith is forgiven. Rose frees them both.









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  1. Deep messages abide in your story. I like how the bird symbolizes the forgiveness.

  2. Yes, a goodnight’s sleep sheds a new light on our problems.

  3. Oh the way you describe the current conditions it seems like anything from the past had to be better.

  4. Great story. It’s too bad that it was all a dream. Hopefully, things will look up for him very soon.

  5. Love the Zen feel to your your question, need to think about that.

  6. Love the Zen feel to your comment – good question.

  7. To go from the heights to the depths like that is a real bummer 🙁

  8. Dear Francine,

    What a bummer to be jarred out of a great dream. Well penned.



  9. Life’s sometimes harsh reality often grabs us out of a far better place. I hope his circumstances improve soon.

  10. Darn those alarm clocks waking us up to face reality! Hope his dreams materialize in the future 🙂

  11. Don’t you just hate it when an alarm clock intrudes on a good dream?
    Very enjoyable.

  12. Poor chap – let’s hope his dream is waiting for him tonight.

  13. Sounds like me as a student, right down to the lofty dreams and mildew 🙂

  14. Makes me want to go finish my dream, but unlike most stories, my dreams have neither beginning or end. Enjoyed reading this. Well done.

  15. Hate missing the end of a good dream – especially when the mundane reality kicks in!

  16. Is he a man dreaming he’s a butterfly? Or a butterfly dreaming he’s a man?

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