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Friday Fictioneers August 5th 2021 MY BOOTS


They sit on my kitchen counter, my boots, stiff with dried artic dirt, warped from the frozen air, discarded and detested.

Did I really believe that sales pitch a year ago, exclusive artic treks, ‘Lost and found.’ ?

True, I was lost, ready to be alone in the rocky wilderness, a landscape pure and plain, untouched by humans. I can still sense the primal rocks and how they enchanted me. Wanted to curl up on the ground and drift away for ever.

They brought me back home, failed and furious. I despised the me that I found. What now ?


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  1. Wow! That’s really well written. You’ve constructed the story with great skill. The word ‘despised’ is very strong. I feel intense sadness for your character, who is so damaged, and yet trying so courageously to find her value as a unique human being.

  2. I’m sure many have about themselves they’d rather not know.

  3. A good and realistic counterpoint to all the overly cheerful ‘find your inner self’ trends these days. We’re the only ones who’re always there with us. Good or bad. I loved the boots, too.

  4. I guess there’s always a chance that when you go out into the wilderness to “find yourself”, you won’t like what you find.

  5. Dear Francine,

    Loved the analogy between the human and her boots. Well written.



  6. I like the symbolism of the boots for her. Nicely textured storytelling, Francine.

  7. Very psychological. Love it.

  8. Whoa! That is deep… very deep. Love it!

  9. A challenging anti-adventure piece. Fascinating!

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