I’ve got those dark winter blues. Daft I know – it is just winter. But… it has a closed down, dead end feel. A flatness, like a subway tunnel where there is no natural light.This is winter, full of dank, damp and decay. My winter mood on some days.


Walking in the afternoon drizzle, Max the dog and me make our way to a favourite place. A Victorian burial ground,  a small, secluded place with four ancient trees. There is damp and decay there. Surprisingly a sense of acceptance as well.



2017-01-15-15-58-38The people buried there are long gone. The old trees have shed so many leaves. My winter mood is not important in this place. A strange kind of comfort, I suppose.

Lighting up the winter darkness with celebrations has always been important I am sure. To show that we won’t be lost in the darkest time of the year. Diwali and the luckless Guy Fawkes’ effigy burnt in bonfires.

Connecting with people is good for the Blues, too. And writing six word stories.

There is a great six word, micro-fiction story challenge hosted on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s blog.


There is a new prompt word each week. Do have a look.

Here’s mine from December, prompt word : wondrous

‘Joyless winter looms…Christmas lights twinkle ‘.

Coming home across the river footbridge in the moonlight is so beautiful…that beats the winter blues.