The scene : Wholefood co-op shop, their post Christmas sale…

I am browsing, the  spelt crackers, miso paste, crunchy peanut butter ..hmmm. I enjoy the ambiance in this place, homely non supermarket wooden shelves, mis-shapen vegetables, supporting local cake maker, hens, community noticeboard advertising Hatha yoga, student rooms, Raiki therapists. Unusual these days in being run by a co-operative group of employees. I imagine they choose to take low wages here, in exchange for an alternative work culture, lack of hierarchy. I pause by the display of oat biscuits, because there is an interesting dialogue going on behind me. Between a shop worker and a sentimental customer, who sounds tender hearted.

Wholefood Co-op post Christmas sale
Wholefood Co-op post Christmas sale

Young Woman:  Aaaah, such lovely Christmas things, so pretty

Shop Worker :  Hmmmm

Young Woman:  Isn’t Christmas such a lovely time, aaah

Shop Worker : If you celebrate Christmas

Young woman: Aaah, but it is so special…

Shop Worker : I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am a pagan, we don’t..

Young Woman: For the kids, they love it

Shop Worker : I don’t have any kids

Young Woman : Aaaah, no kids  ?

Shop Worker : There’s no ‘Aaaah’ about it !

Young Woman says nothing.

A kind of culture clash between them, I think.

Next, another kind of dialogue, with oneself. Thanks to Maja’s idea :


Reflective face
Reflective face

Dialogue with myself.

If a poem speaks

What would a poem say to you ?

How are you today ?

It’s Sunday

I feel the dark days blues are melting.

Bare winter tree outside my window

— look — has tiny pink buds stuck on its fingertips.

See a puffed up pigeon strutting his stuff.

Wrapped in quiet today

me, myself, I feel calm today.

Pale peach, tequila sunrise – ish,

not blue any-more