week, what Pegman saw takes us to Karlovy Vary in the  Czech Republic, a historic spa town.

Here is where my imagination took me.

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Taking the Waters

I am Madame Vodhka, known for my beauty and famous friends. Born 1929. Who would guess? Still beautiful my admirers say, to my face anyhow. Behind my back who knows? My mirror is turned to the wall. I know my back is bent, my feet boney. Here I  sink into  these wondrous hot springs,  let these thermals swirl away the years, melt  my creases and crooked joints. There’s Igor the masseur, my friend, such strong hands,  tactful, waiting to usher me into to the pool. And there the magic happens.

The glowing face in the glass is me ! My hands are soft, I can twirl with ease. Give me champagne, music !  I must dance.