Chill Out

” Let’s try again  – deep breaths  now – 1,2,3,4       

Hmm not quite low enough. Second time lucky – deep breaths. Bit lower though not low enough. ”

I look past the pale green wall of the room at the grey sodden sky outside. Oh dear what am I going to do ?

“Third time, why don’t you imagine your perfect beach, OK ?”

I dream of …one, two ….pale golden sand….three, the soft swishing of the surf…four…palm trees leaning over me. The sun caresses my body.  Pearly seashells  sink into the sand as I walk, tiny wavelets nibble my toes and tempt me into the sea. The sky so blue its melting….

” Hello – yes – I was far away. Are we finished now ? We are ? the pre-surgery check is satisfactory ? And my blood pressure levels ? All OK. Thank-you. Bye”