Rochelle’s challenge this week is to craft a story of 100 words, prompted by Dale’s Rogerson’s photo. Those clusters of people, what are saying, where have they come from ? Here’s what I imagined.

photo prompt courtesy of Dale Rogerson

Brief Encounter

‘Hi Aimee’

‘Hi Ali, quick mooch ? Sorry about your break up. Shopping will help.’

‘Aimee, there’s a man following us..’

‘Nah, keep walking’.

‘Quick, move Ali, sharp left into ToyzRUs, hide in the teddy bear section’.

‘Oh God, he’s walking towards us !’

‘You’re ex ? Was he angry with you ?’

‘Or that on-line bloke, he looked dodgy ?’

‘Maybe that weird Spanish teacher ?’

‘Let’s hide in the toilet, lock the door.  Must’ve gone by now.’

‘Oh no, here he is !  What do want Mister ?’

‘You dropped your wallet back there. I want to return it.’