Pegman takes us to  Billinudgel, New South Wales in Australia this week

Here’s my 150 word story.

Old Railway Town

The pub, my retreat, sitting by the window. The flaming sunset soothes me for a while.

Time’s become elastic since you left – is it months ? Or years ? I’m fuming with despair, catch my pasty face reflected back at me from the window. Joy turned to ashes.

Soon as you arrived here, stepping off that train, we connected, soul mates at once, twin hearts blown away for always. You said, no need for daily details, just tune in together. Clever, crafty, city boy.

Huh ! Details like your girlfriend in the city, your work here casual as you wanted. Oh, and the train company was closing the station here, you had no car. I ‘m haunted by the image of you on the last train from here, watching the train fade into a dot and disappear. Gone as if you had never been here.