Pegman takes us Mdina ,  capital of Malta til Medieval times. Mdina is an ancient walled city, steeped in history. Wonder what it’s like to live there ? Here’s my 150 word story.

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photo courtesy of adventurouskate

Suppertime in Mdina

‘Papa- Arturo  – supper’s ready, come and eat. Lampuki pie, your favourite.’

‘I’m coming Liena, smells good. What would I do without you, now that Mama is with the angels. Do you know, the walls of our house are two metres thick, build up against the ancient Citta Vecchia walls ?’

‘Yes Papa, you already told me. Will you get electric lighting soon ? I worry about you tripping over in the dark corners of the house with only lamplight.’

‘Liena, we need to have a talk about your future now that you’ve left school. Marriage to a steady local boy, like the Calleja’s son. They live in Mdina so you’d be close by. Working in the lace shop until you have children…’

‘Oh Papa ! Please – I want to spread my wings and fly – meet different people, other cultures, study abroad….’

‘Liena, your ingratitude shocks me, you would trample on our traditions. You would desert your old father. You must decide…