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Pegman this week takes us to Texas, to the Cadillac Ranch. Here is my 150 word story.


Mission  Terra-Texas ; Skydillacs Project ; Yorg time : 6.6.18 ; Terra time : 6.6.74

Transcript of Tribunal

‘Citizen Zed – are you head of this project ?’

‘Affirmative Citizen Alpha’.

‘Recount the sequence of events’

Our mission – to gather undercover surveillance data on terrain known as Terra-Texas. A previous data search found earth minerals there, vital to our industry. They noted that Terraians travelled in strangely shaped machines. Like small scale space ships, with large fins at the rear, a grille in front. Their surface was covered with  hieroglyphics in many colours.’

‘Get to the point Zed. ‘

‘We made replicas of these, plus our own warp drives – Skydillacs – to cruise at low altitudes, and gather data about Terra-Texas. Infallible we thought.’

‘And ?’

‘Bad miscalculation. The fleet of Skydillacs all nose-dived into the earth and got stuck there. Their warp drives blew up…’

‘This is very serious Zed. You are hereby sentenced to attend a ‘Warp Drive Awareness Course.’

Tribunal ends.