Gastronomic Tour of the Port

photo courtesy of Melitha Blasco                     

Pegman this week takes us to the fascinating city of Montevideo in Uruguay. Are you inspired to write a 159 word story prompted by this city ? Here’s mine.


‘I tell myself : Ricky you made it here at last. Montevideo. With just a few pesos to spare. Wow, look at that gorgeous food stall, makes me hungry.

I walked away from their narrow minds, their mockery, their machismo…they said : Ricky you’re different, too soft, not one of us. You are an outsider, they said. OK, so I stepped outside their small world and came here. What a city. I’ve never seen such a great mix of people. There’s different rhythm here, I can feel my pulse quicken, powered by its energy, its possibilities.

Hey, someone’s looking at me, he’s approaching…’

” Hi, I’m Mateo and who are you ?”

“Ricki, I just got here..”

“You hungry ? Like a choripan ? Let’s go and get some…I can show you some good places to go to in the city.”