Photo courtesy of  Nathan Sowers                                                       

Rochelle’s 100 word challenge this week gives us an intriguing prompt, so many possibilities in the image. Can you write a 100 word story ? Here’s mine.


Sssssssssso hungry ! Been waiting so long. Even I grow old and stiff. I flit around this old house of mine. The moon is full, moonshine reflects in the oval mirror- not me of course.

Need some new people to buy this house, new energy here, some fresh blood. Morning is arriving, time to withdraw to my dark shed. Aha – who’s coming ? The Estate Agent.

” As you can see Frank and June, a quirky period house with a gothic ambience. Rumours ? Yes, pure fantasy. You like the house ?  You’ll take it. Good. ”

Thank you Frank and June, until nightfall. Long live my immortality.