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Pegman this week takes us to Resolute Bay, remotest of Canada. Here’s my 150 word story.


Pa stares at the fire, face etched with adversity. Still wrapped around with cold outdoor air. Unaware of his son, alongside him by the fire.

” Pa……are you ok ?  Are you angry ?”

” Huh ? Oh no, Jo, no son – was just thinking about Ma.”

“Tell me..”

“Your Ma died soon after we were brought here. Bitterly cold, only shacks to live in, scarce food. Her heart broke leaving Quebec. I’ll never forgive them for that “.

“Why did they bring us here ?”

“Our people were pawns in the cold, cold war.”

“What was the hardest part Pa ?”

“They stole our lives, our livelihoods, our futures”.

“What will I be when I grow up ?”

“My hope for you son is to leave here, and ….”

“Damn, power’s down, its a black-out…..who’s banging on our door ? What ? Snow blizzard’s on its way…lock down…fear the worst.”