Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields                              

Rochelle’s photo prompt this week suggests old stones and history. Where does your imagination take you ? Are you inspired to write a 100 word story?

I’ve had a holiday, and it’s good to return to the Friday Fictioneers challenge.


Fear coils around my ribcage. I must hurry towards the tower. Each footstep sucks me down, legs like lead. I see only dank shadows. I’ll disappear if I don’t reach the light. I feel urgency – dread or hope ? See a rosy glimmer ahead – my heart lurches with relief – a mirage of home where I belong. The me who is here isn’t real is she ? Deep down I know things will be ok if I reach this warm, bright place of love, I’ll be mended.

The alarm jolts me awake. It’s that dream again with the tower, constant presence in my growing up.