photo courtesy of Jilly Funnel                            lyric quotes by Yip Harburg 

Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers challenge this week is prompted by this intriguing photo. Here’s my 100 word story.


My spine tingles, heart racing – a first date – whooo!!  My last one was…? This is a new start. he may be my new soul-mate.

‘..dreams that you dare to….’

Wow that’s him over there, looking around, bit overweight, older than his photo. Kind eyes, open face, pretty fit. Maybe really boring, still married? I feel numb. Oh no – he’s walking towards me. What ! he’s got a scorpion tatoo on his neck – what is that ?

My legs are powered to run away. Too late, he’s here..

‘...dreams really do come true..’

“Hi Dorothy – is that you ?”