This week’s challenge from Sammi Cox is to write exactly 111 words inspired by the word  Helter Skelter. This is where my imagination took me.


Hurry — coat on — no shoes, slippers will do. Time now 9.20, train leaves at 9.30. I must get to the station, find you, tell you I’m confused. Run down the stairs. My hair is wild, forgot my house keys — hell. Which platform will you wait on ?

I do love you, but………. why did you storm out ? Whoa, I nearly tripped. 9.25 now. It’s a big decision to emigrate with you — can’t leave us parted in anger like this. Platform 13, can I see you ? Yes by that pillar. George, I’m here. Do I  : board your train, wave good-bye, walk away, shout ‘I love you’ ? Or wake up from this mayhem dream.