PHOTO PROMPT © Renee Heath

Rochelle’s challenge this week is prompted by this intriguing photo. This is where my imagination led me. Glad to be back with Friday Fictioneers, been on holiday.

Her eyes shine with anticipation. His heart lurches.
‘Can’t wait to meet your parents, finally. Suppose they dislike me ?’
‘You’re perfect. Let’s park, take a walk.’
‘A walk ?’  The sharpness of her voice cuts through his bravado.
‘They live  —– in a tepee ? Why are we in this place ?’
‘I need to tell you about me.’    She feels the tremor in his voice.
‘My parents don’t live here, or in this area. They disowned me. Couldn’t tell you, scared you’d ditch me like they did.’    His eyes avoid hers.
‘So this is one big set-up huh ?’