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Friday Fictioneers Dec 4th 2020 Quilting



Here comes our new neighbour

‘Meya, er no Freya ? Do we know any-thing about her ?

‘Hello Freya, come in, I’m Angie ,she’s Jane ‘

‘Hello , beautiful cottage,  lovely, surrounded by wild countryside.’

I smell the  harshness of  air freshener, staleness of the room its chintz patterns stifling the wild flowers outside .

‘Why choose our little village as your new home ?’

‘ New beginnings.’

‘Family moving here ?  Just you ?’

‘I have a parrot.’

‘Freya, we are proud of  our village activities – Quilting, Deirdre’s painting class. You never need to be on your own.’

Mind your own business, nosy woman—came here to get away from people’s  judgements

‘Freya, have I said too much ? Just wanted to welcome you to our village .’

Freya departs.

‘Strange woman, parrot as a pet ? She’s no saint ! Husband problems ?’


27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers Dec 4th 2020 Quilting

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  1. Busybodies and outlaws. You can squeeze a lot of story out of them.


  2. Freya certainly seems to prefer her parrot to other people! I can relate to an extent. 😉

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  3. I’ve lived in enough small towns to know how accurately this is, the double sides of hospitality and gossip. You did a great job portraying their characters in a short space.


  4. Dear Francine,

    Quite the welcoming committee. No doubt it will make Freya want to spend more time with her parrot. 😉 Well done.




  5. Takes guts to enter a small village where everyone knows everything… and that’s IF they accept you. Here goes the gossip mill!
    Fun take, Francine.

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  6. Lovely story. I like this Freya! Her and her parrot would be welcome in my village anytime.

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  7. And so the rumour mill begins. With all those village groups I’d be worried I’d moved to a “Midsomer” kind of a place 🙂

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  8. I doubt she left many friends behind, and I expect there will not be many in her future! For me, that would not be peace; that would be loneliness.

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  9. I’m left wondering what occurred that caused her to move away and set up home in the village. Intriguing!

    My story!


  10. A a new mysterious woman arrives in the village, sounds like the beginning of an episode of ‘Midsummer Murders’! Small villages have a special way of knowing, it is faster than the Internet.

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  11. The classic little village gossips! 🙂

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  12. You never need be on your own has the overwhelming power of a curse


  13. I guess folk can be intrusive when you just want some peace and privacy

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