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Friday Fictioneers Dec 4th 2020 Quilting



Here comes our new neighbour

‘Meya, er no Freya ? Do we know any-thing about her ?

‘Hello Freya, come in, I’m Angie ,she’s Jane ‘

‘Hello , beautiful cottage,  lovely, surrounded by wild countryside.’

I smell the  harshness of  air freshener, staleness of the room its chintz patterns stifling the wild flowers outside .

‘Why choose our little village as your new home ?’

‘ New beginnings.’

‘Family moving here ?  Just you ?’

‘I have a parrot.’

‘Freya, we are proud of  our village activities – Quilting, Deirdre’s painting class. You never need to be on your own.’

Mind your own business, nosy woman—came here to get away from people’s  judgements

‘Freya, have I said too much ? Just wanted to welcome you to our village .’

Freya departs.

‘Strange woman, parrot as a pet ? She’s no saint ! Husband problems ?’


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  1. Busybodies and outlaws. You can squeeze a lot of story out of them.

  2. Freya certainly seems to prefer her parrot to other people! I can relate to an extent. 😉

  3. I’ve lived in enough small towns to know how accurately this is, the double sides of hospitality and gossip. You did a great job portraying their characters in a short space.

  4. Dear Francine,

    Quite the welcoming committee. No doubt it will make Freya want to spend more time with her parrot. 😉 Well done.



  5. Takes guts to enter a small village where everyone knows everything… and that’s IF they accept you. Here goes the gossip mill!
    Fun take, Francine.

  6. Lovely story. I like this Freya! Her and her parrot would be welcome in my village anytime.

  7. And so the rumour mill begins. With all those village groups I’d be worried I’d moved to a “Midsomer” kind of a place 🙂

  8. I doubt she left many friends behind, and I expect there will not be many in her future! For me, that would not be peace; that would be loneliness.

  9. I’m left wondering what occurred that caused her to move away and set up home in the village. Intriguing!

    My story!

  10. A a new mysterious woman arrives in the village, sounds like the beginning of an episode of ‘Midsummer Murders’! Small villages have a special way of knowing, it is faster than the Internet.

  11. The classic little village gossips! 🙂

  12. You never need be on your own has the overwhelming power of a curse

  13. I guess folk can be intrusive when you just want some peace and privacy

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