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Friday Fictioneers 23rd April 2021 DISAPPEARING PEOPLE

24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 23rd April 2021 DISAPPEARING PEOPLE

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  1. Prayers that she makes it.

  2. Depending upon where she goes, she could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

  3. What a wonderful take on the photo, Francine. I hope she makes it. It’s a wonderful country (hardly biased, am I)

  4. She’ll love Canada. I hope she gets there, great building of tension. I’m having trouble commenting under my WP account…

  5. You really set the tension in this story and portray a brave lady.

  6. I hope she manages to get out, I can’t imagine getting caught would be much fun.

  7. One brave lady. Loved your take on the photo prompt.

  8. Dear Francine,

    Hope she can make it out. Not the best time of life to make such a major change. Nicely done.



  9. A lot going on here, I hope she gets out in time.

  10. I hope Canada is everything she imagines it to be

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