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Poetics: Last Lines by Mish January 14th 2020 REUNION

Here's my poem. My book choice as the last lines inspiration is 'Grief is the Thing with Feathers', by Max Porter. Last line is ' Their voice was the life and song of their mother. Unfinished.  Everything. Beautiful.'   REUNION... Continue Reading →

Prosery #1 THE MOORS June 14th 2019

Bjorn's dVerse challenge  is to write 144 words exactly, to be built around one line from Robert Frost's poem : 'Acquainted with the Night'. Here is my response. 'When far  far away an interrupted cry ' My rage and passion... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox Challenge # 103 VULNERABLE 28.4.19

Sammi's challenge this week is to write 21 words prompted by the word - VULNERABLE   VULNERABLE He steps towards, me too close. I can smell his sweat. Our eyes lock, my heart thuds like race horses. NO.

Sammi Cox challenge 7.4.19 #100 SILENCE

Sammi's challenge this week is to write 19 words on the  theme of SILENCE Here's my take. WAITING You breathe in, you breathe out, Then silence. I hold my breath. The slow thud of your heart beat ceases.

Sammi Cox’s challenge #96 SEASHORE 9.3.19

Sammi's writing challenge #96 this week is the word  : SEASHORE. You have 59 words. SEASHORE I splash through the seashore's edge, lick  drops of seawater from my face,  feet making soft sand-prints. Feel the surf as it curls around... Continue Reading →

Start-rite Shoes – a haiku

Start-rite Shoes Seeing this 1950's poster recently sent me spirally down the rabbit hole of memory  into childhood, an Alice tumbling down  into her Wonderland. I feel a stab of poignancy, of protectiveness for the smallness of the little boy... Continue Reading →

Haiku : Negative Space

                                                   images courtesy of pic2fly + intropsych   Negative Space Our negative space Is our alternative truth Both our truths at once

Catalonia Part 2 – Energy

                                                                                                       Solsona             Catalonia - a Haibun Feel the spring of energy bubbling from the red baked earth, alchemy transforming plants and stones into built forms. A white haired woman... Continue Reading →

A Poem : Plea Bargain with Ageing

Plea Bargain with Ageing Another friend, another ailment, spasm  of fear, share their shock, their dread, their indignation. Awful shaming thought, I'm glad it's not me, next time it may be. A mounting tally of ailments now, stacking up to derail... Continue Reading →

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