January 22nd 2018

This week Pegman takes us to the Dominican Republic in the centre of the Caribbean.

The challenge is to write 150 words inspired by the photo.

My Friend the Travel Agent

‘Where’s Coco, it’s noon  and he’s not here. Supposed to meet on the beach, away from those tourists. Must see him today —- I’m in trouble if this isn’t sorted. He’s a travel agent, got connections, and he owes me one.

I run a local guest house ‘Off the Beaten Track’. It’s unique, me and the family offer an authentic experience of this country. Guests tell me it’s special, the Real Thing, staying with me. Cheaper than the big hotels. Trouble is, my place is so ‘off the track’ it’s hard to find. I need Coco to promote my place. The little guy needs the big guy to keep going.

Hey ! There’s Coco, down the beach, he’s coming at last ! What’ll he charge me ? is he smiling ?  ‘Hi Coco,  how’s things ? Remember me… Business good ?…’