’s challenge this week is to write 100 words inspired by the photo prompt of  a derelict building that’s seen better days. does it have any future ? Read on….

photo courtesy of Sandra Crook

Cash Flow

‘ Hey, Sy, we just drove past that smashed up house. I read about it. Story was that crooks rammed their truck into the wall, to steal the ATM machine. Owner just walked away. What a wreck !’

‘OK Zak, park outside, we’ll go take a look. Waste of time though, too broken for a music venue’.

‘Come on Sy, think concept — we could make a thing of the smashed up look’.

‘You’re crazy, it’d swallow money’.

‘Think theme . Shabby chic ? Bikers’ Joint ? Call it ….Derelict Dance Hall  ? Drive Inn ? Or Hole in the Wall !’

‘You’re on your own Zak, I’m going ‘.