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Friday Fictioneers Feb 25th 2022 Topsy Turvey

Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Roger Bultot for the photo.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


My ‘Lento’ tour promised a handful of churches, a motley market, stalls with tiny bottles of rose petal oil, followed by a quiet glass of Prosecco in the market square. I take a second sip and the pavement beneath my feet slowly tilts, the cream and orange buildings topple over like monumental slices of gingerbread.

Do I alone notice that the world is turning. a portal just for me ? A new perspective on my unexciting life, a message maybe ? I’ll ask the man at the next table, does  he feel topsy turvey too, see a cosmic truth in the tilting gingerbread ?



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  1. She’s been slipped a roofie or some other hallucinogenic, or at Ieast it seems like it. Maybe she’s having a psychotic break? In any case, I hope she isn’t harmed by the experience.

  2. I wonder, what was in the Prosecco?

  3. I really like your word choices here – her moment of disorientation is a ‘portal’, a ‘new perspective’, a ‘message’. I especially like the closing phrase. Brilliant. Cosmic truth and gingerbread! She’s had a glimpse of something beyond her everyday, and it’s good!

  4. I kept thinking that her dizziness was due to the photo being 45 degrees off. Well done, if unresolved.

  5. Dear Jilly,

    That’s more than a case of vertigo. I wonder if someone slipped something in her prosecco? Good one. (certainly goes with the prompt 😉 )



  6. A personal portal, a new perspective, a reflection of self… either that, or Iain is right….

  7. You could be right Iain, perhaps the holiday company dopes the drinks ?

  8. The fascinating thing is that she’s curious but not scared

  9. What an interesting take… I like to think it’s for her alone 🙂 Her life has just taken an turn… or tilt for adventure!

  10. I wonder if there was something more than prosecco in her glass!? 😀

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